About Us

What is rePlay Arts?

rePlay Arts is a community based arts organization with a mission to inspire and promote environmentally sustainable practices through creative reuse. We offer hands-on opportunities that highlight the importance of sustainability, creativity, and experiential learning for audiences of all ages and abilities.

What do we do?

rePlay Arts collects gently used art and craft supplies, manufacturing leftovers, and other no longer needed materials that can be reused for artmaking. We redistribute them to the community through arts experiences, education programs, and sales of low- or no-cost art supplies. Hands-on arts workshops highlight creativity and sustainability and provide opportunities for experimentation and play. By thinking outside of the box, we keep these materials out of landfills and turn them into hands-on art experiences for everyone.

How do we do it?

rePlay Arts collects materials from local businesses and individuals. Our staff and teaching artists facilitate workshops using these upcycled materials at local organizations and community events. Art materials are also made available to the public at low- or no- cost. Collaborations with existing local businesses and arts organizations support the missions of partnering organizations and maximize our impact. rePlay also works with practicing artists to facilitate workshops and develop exhibitions that support our guiding principles of creativity, sustainability, and community.