Creative Reuse

What is Creative Reuse?

Creative Reuse is rethinking, repurposing, and reimagining objects in ways that give a new function to unwanted or unused materials through creativity. All sorts of materials and supplies can be transformed into new creative projects. Creative reuse organizations collect discarded materials from both businesses and individuals that can be reused and given new life. These centers offer items to the public, use them for workshops, or donate them to teachers and other arts and social service organizations for further reuse.

What are the benefits?

• The local community will be able to access affordable and unique materials for their own creative projects

• Usable materials will be removed from the waste stream and diverted from the landfill

• Teachers and community organizations can extend their budgets with reused materials

• People can learn about reuse and develop creative skills in a fun and educational environment

• Individuals, businesses, and manufacturers will have a location to donate their unwanted or unused materials

For more information about materials donations, see our list of accepted goods.