We believe…

  • that all people deserve access to affordable arts education and materials
  • in the power of creative expression to open minds, to forge connections, and bridge differences
  • in creating a space where all people feel welcome and comfortable expressing themselves
  • in the importance of artmaking and crafting for self-care and self-reflection
  • in the full life cycle of objects and their potential to inspire exploration, discovery, and innovation
  • in the well-being of our environment and improving the communities and ecosystems we live in

Commitment to Equity

rePlay Arts is committed to creating an equitable, accessible, and inclusive space where everyone is welcome. We believe in the value of the arts and creative expression, as well as their power to open minds and bridge differences. We strive to make arts opportunities available to all and actively seek out ways to create opportunities for those who have traditionally been marginalized.

We hold a zero-tolerance policy for harmful behavior. No racism. No sexism. No homophobia. No transphobia. No ableism. No hate.

Land Acknowledgement

The land on which rePlay Arts stands is part of the ancient homeland of the Abenaki people, and we recognize and respect the Abenaki as the rightful and traditional stewards of this land. We call on our community to protect, honor, and respect the land we now call home knowing that this interconnectedness has been sustained by Indigenous Peoples since the beginning of humankind. We recognize that tribal communities continue to be the most impacted by social and environmental injustices, and realize that there is still much work to be done. We will continue to learn from our Indigenous neighbors who have a profound understanding of how to care for the land, and we commit to uplifting, celebrating, and including Indigenous voices as we deliver programs and advocate for a sustainable future.

Artwork featuring colorful and sparkly printed patterns on brown Kraft paper.